Students & WIS

Bringing opportunities within reach

Are you interested in using your skills and talents to develop personally, professionally and financially?

Formilink allows you to showcase your talent, put your skills and knowledge to good use, and connect with Opportunity Creators in your communities.

Student/WIS are individuals who are over the age of 18
Studying at a recognised College or University, or a Wounded Injured or Sick ex-military person
(Serving veterans due to be medically discharged also)


Student/WIS – Looking for opportunities

Rosie is a final year student studying BSc (Hons) strength and conditioning coaching.

  • She wants to find alternative revenue streams for her final year.
  • Looking for organisations or individuals to work with to apply her skills.
  • Be a helping hand for any local community projects(During term at University and outside that back at home).



Student/WIS – Promoting skills and abilities

Dale is an ex-infantryman who has post-traumatic stress disorder. His condition has resulted in him being unable to work full-time and mostly from home. As part of the Formilink network Dale wants to help Opportunity Creators fulfil their requirements whilst also developing personally, professionally and financially.

  • He wants to financially benefit from his hobby of sculpting.
  • Would like to learn from other businesses and individuals in sculpture and design.
  • Interested in using his risk assessment skills to help with community projects.


Rosie and Dale take two approaches:

  • Search for an opportunity creator that they would like to work with and communicate via the internal messaging system. Express their interest in community projects to the Formilink team via email.
  • Fill out their profiles (With up to two locations)
    a. Upload images and video examples of their work or hobbies. (Coaching session, Sculpture pictures)
    b. Make sure that their profile reflects what they are looking for both short and long term.


Our County Managers are the physical interaction with the local communities and create awareness of the network,  demonstrate its versatility to service the needs of the Opportunity creator and increase the opportunities for Students and WIS.

Once Opportunity Creators or Students/WIS have worked with another network member they review each other internally on their profile which improves credibility and work with them in the future.

Embrace opportunity to develop personally, professionally and financially.

Student Benefits

Student/WIS Membership is open to students or WIS Veterans in England in our growth areas, aged 18 and over,

Students enrolled in:

WIS Veterans:

Cost: £12 + VAT per year


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