Bringing emerging talent within reach

Are you looking to contract talent to work on a one-off event, a short-term project, or invest in candidates as a longer internship?

Formilink presents the potential in the UK's budding workforce in a simple-to-search, and cost-effective interface.


Any progressive organisation has flexible needs and, at Formilink, we recognise that an agile approach to staffing is the future.

Students and graduates are the skilled workforce of tomorrow, and the best of them are seeking to add credible work experience to their CVs for a head start on their career paths.

Formilink is the Student and Employer network where relationships begin and talent embraces opportunities, to improve communities.

Formilink is different to traditional recruitment channels. In this network, you are in charge. From identifying requirement to searching candidates or posting the job advert, the interaction is yours. Formilink simply brings you together to achieve your goals.

Employer Benefits

Employer Membership is open to anyone able to offer an opportunity to a student:


Cost: £12 + VAT per year


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