Opportunity Creators

Improving your options

Do you need a task completing?

Can you create an opportunity for our Student and Wounded Injured Sick (WIS) military community?

Create local opportunities and improve your community.

Anyone over the age of 18 can join our network as an Opportunity Creator.
These are individuals or businesses who can create an opportunity for our
Student/WIS members.


Opportunity Creator – Business

Brands is a local butcher and have a number of requirements to develop their business. As part of the Formilink network they want to create opportunities for Students and WIS whilst fulfilling their requirements.

  • Has a paid part-time role available (Cashier)(Student or WIS).
  • Has some design work that they need completing (Redesigning their logo) (Student or WIS).
  • Wants to offer an insight into their business with a view to identifying future employees (Student or WIS) (Unpaid/voluntary but may lead to paid employment).


Opportunity Creator – Individual

Ann is a retired carpenter and has a few tasks that she needs some help with. As part of the Formilink network she wants to create opportunities for Students and WIS whilst completing her tasks.

Wants a commissioned portrait of her mother for her 100th birthday (Student or WIS).

Needs some help painting garden fences (Student or WIS).

Wants to share her expertise in cabinet making and joinery, offering a day’s training in partnership with the local cabinet makers (Student or WIS)

To fill these opportunities Brands and Ann take two approaches:

  • Searches for a Student/WIS who has the skills they are looking for and offers the opportunity via the internal messaging system.

    a. Someone local who is available.
    b. Graphic design course or someone who has it as a hobby.
    c. Art student or painting as a hobby.
    d. Apprentice carpenter or interest in woodwork.

  • Posts the opportunity on the opportunities board and awaits an application.


Student/WIS are individuals who are over the age of 18 studying at a recognised College or University or a Wounded Injured or Sick ex-military person (Serving veterans due to be medically discharged also)

If you need some help with a particular task or activity then create an opportunity for our Student or WIS network members.

You'll not only be getting your work done but will be having a positive impact on the development of others.

Employer Benefits

Opportunity Creator Membership is open to anyone over 18 (England) and able to offer an opportunity to a Student/WIS member:


Cost: £12 + VAT per year


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