About Formilink

Local people, businesses and organisations working together can achieve great things.

Formilink creates opportunities for its network members and conducts community projects that enhance local collaboration and development.  Our focus is around the creation of opportunity by understanding what a community needs and how our network members can facilitate it.


Formicidae - the Family scientific classification of the Ant



The ant embodied what formilink aims to achieve in strengthening the community and society by working together to achieve more than it could or would by working alone.

The whole colony benefiting from the efforts and interaction of its individual members.  Our colony is our network.


In an ever changing society and world, it is those that innovate and work together that achieve great things. 

We wanted to increase the opportunity for students and WIS to connect with opportunity creators that were welcoming to the prospect of working with them.

Opportunity Creators develop a connection and further options for future tasks and jobs

Link - a relationship or connection between people, countries, or organizations.



The two ‘i’ letterforms join together to suggest a team of ants combining to bridge over objects that lay in their path.

Students,WIS and Opportunity Creators moving from each ‘i’ to achieve their common goal.

The ‘mil’ is central to formilink and is the abbreviation of military.  

From its founder to its employees and its ongoing work to provide integration for ex-forces personnel particularly the Wounded Injured and Sick.



Our network members form two distinct groups:

Students and WIS consist of College and University students and Wounded Injured or Sick ex-military personnel.

Opportunity Creators are made up of anyone in the community who can create an opportunity for Students and WIS.

Our members can interact through our secure online network, creating opportunities from their requirements.  This can then be directly offered to a Student or WIS through the internal messaging system or posted as an opportunity for which members can apply.

Students and WIS can search and apply for opportunities that have been posted or alternatively offer up their specific talents to Opportunity Creators via internal messaging.

We believe in community interaction and will use our network to improve communities through local projects.

I'm a Student or WIS looking for opportunities

I'm an Opportunity Creator and want to engage with Students and WIS


Our Vision
The driving force behind Formilink is a passion for community integration and a firm belief that local people working together can make positive things happen.

Who are we?
Formilink is a UK owned and managed business committed to improving communities by generating opportunities and assistance for its members and conducting community projects.

Formilink was founded by James Dixon, a former Army Commando Officer.  Following an injury that saw his military service end, James experienced the positive role of networks - social and professional - in his rehabilitation, and was inspired to improve the prospects and communities of others.

There is a wealth of talent, skills and capacity within communities which we are often unaware of.  All parts of a community would benefit from greater awareness of each other.  Formilink aims to improve this awareness to benefit its members and their communities.

Students and the Wounded Injured or Sick ex-military often have the time and capacity to make a real difference, but not necessarily the right platform to use it.

We will be that platform and voice.

James Dixon, Founder & CEO, Formilink


Formilink invests a proportion of its profits into community projects, strengthening and improving society and assisting those that have used the service.

Integrating Ex-Military

Formilink employs ex-service personnel including from the Wounded, Injured, Sick (WIS) community. Their employment at Formilink aids in their transition to civilian life and improves their own network of connections within their local community.