What’s in the name?

25-May-2016 11:44
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by Admin


Formi from Formicidae - the Family scientific classification of the Ant.

link from Link - a relationship or connection between people, countries, or organizations.


Why the ant?


The ant embodied what formilink aims to achieve in strengthening the community and society by working together to achieve more than it could or would by working alone.  The whole colony benefiting from the efforts and interaction of its individual members.  Our colony is our network.


The importance of the link

In an ever changing society and world, it is those that innovate and work together that achieve great things.  We wanted to increase the opportunity for students to connect with individuals and businesses that were welcoming to the prospect of working with them. 

The relationship is two way and the vast array of skills, free time and enthusiasm that students bring to employers enhances their growth and development also.


Our Logo




 What does our logo represent?

The two ‘i’ letterforms join together to suggest a team of ants combining to bridge over objects that lay in their path.  The students and employers moving from each i to achieve their common goal.

The ‘mil’ is central to formilink and is the abbreviation of military.  From its founder to its employees and its ongoing work to provide integration for ex-forces personnel particularly the Wounded Injured and Sick.


You may see us use this logo as well.  This is our ant building formilink.